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Chapter - 5.1 Image Slicer
Next to the Download button, there is an Image Slicer section. Slicer allows downloading generated image in slices.

Simple Slicer

 Generated image is sliced into 4 sections. Each section can be downloaded separately by clicking the respective section at this image.1 is for top-left slice, 2 is for top-right, .. etc.

Image can also be slices into 2 section:

 for Left-Right slicing.
 for Top-Bottom slicing.
The minimum image size for slicing is 4x4 px. If the image has width or height smaller than 4 px then slicing would not occur and whole image would be downloaded.
Generally slicing is intended for images generated with radial, rectangle and diamond gradients when you need to prepare 4 opaque box corner images. The samples at the main OGIM site page displays boxes with un-sliced whole corner images. However particular HTML design may require using slices. Here is when slicing may come handy.
There is no manual control for the slices dimension. If the image has odd  numbers for the effective tile size (21x21 px for instance), then the resulted slices dimension would defer. So it is recommended slicing images with even numbers for the dimension.
Advanced slicer

There are more advanced slicer options available. Click "More" button to load an advanced slicer.

Here you may assign width and height of the slice and download it (bound to one of the corner or side) by clicking respective number at the following mapped images:

 for variable size slices bound to each corner of the image.
 for variable size slices bound to the center of the each side of the image.
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