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Chapter - 1.2 Shift Gradient Center

Shift Gradient Center is a powerful extension for painting various 3D object such as balls, pyramids, conic sections, 3D mesh and so on.

Shift Gradient applies to the following volume gradient types only:


For other gradient types this extension is ignored.

Generally gradient for volume object is directed from center of the image to sides. Shift Gradient Center allows moving the center of gradient around the image. Check the box to enable shifting.

Shifting is directed by specifying X and Y coordinates in relative units from 0 to 100. X moves the center spot horizontally across the image and Y moves vertically. Relative coordinate system starts at the top left corner of the image and bound to X=0 and Y=0 and ends at the bottom right corner and bound to X=100 Y=100. By specifying various relative points to X and Y, you essentially move the gradient center across the image creating various volume object.

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