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Chapter - 7.0 TEXT IT
Text-It module is an extension to OGIM engine which allows pasting a text (and/or images) over the base images generated with OGIM. Most common use of Text-It is to generate image buttons, tabs, logos, banners and other widgets for your web site.
In order to start Text-It engine you must create an account with OGIM or logon to the existed account. Use "Register" and "Logon" buttons within the top menu to create an account and logon.
Text-it module launched from the OGIM engine window by clicking "Text-it" tab. Prepare a base image with any type of gradient (except line) with OGIM and click on yellow "Text-it" tab. Make sure the base image has enough width and height to accept the text you are planning to draw over the base image. The base image you have prepared with OGIM would be launched in Text It engine screen and be ready for text drawing.
Text-It engine structured similarly to OGIM. Main stage displays a base image loaded from OGIM. Stage options include positioning image at the center or top, setting stage background color as well as enabling transparency checkers for stage area.
Tips for making a base image with OGIM
  1. For base images with "Landscape" orientation (image width prevails over the height) use "Horizontal" selection as "Gradient Direction".
  2. For "Portrait" (image height prevails over the width) use "Vertical" selection as "Gradient Direction".
  3. For base images with oval corners make sure the "Canvas" color would match the background color of the HTML layer where prepared image would be used.
  4. If you have your own image, which you would like to use as a base image for text drawing, then note your image dimensions (height and width) and prepare any simple image at OGIM with the same orientation and dimensions. You could upload your own image later on and  paste it over the base image at "Text It" engine screen.
For specific "Text-It" reference use respective chapter selection within chapters list on left. 
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