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Chapter - 3.0 Adding Stripes


  • OGIM features a powerful Stripes Generator Module and capable of drawing stripes pattern in 8 directions. In addition 5 alternative color stripes could be created, each stripe could be rendered with gradient color, shadow could be assigned to each side of the stripe (made inverse) and stripe opacity could be controlled.
  • Click Enable Stripes to turn Stripes generator ON. Select Stripes Size, Stripes Spacing (distance between stripes) and Shadow Amount is necessary. Select Stripes Orientation (direction). And click reload icon.
  • Change color of stripes assigning it under column to stripes through . You may remove color from any stripe except stripe 1. Make gradient stripe by assigning an alternative stripe color under column.
  • Shadow could be "dropped" at any main stripe side or both sides. Select respective Shadow Position to enable it. Note: If Shadow Amount is set to 0, then no shadow would be visible. Shadow is just another gradient type stripe drawn next to the main stripe. The shadow gradient rendered as solid color to transparency creating shadow effect for the main stripe . The color of shadow for each main stripe side could be selected under and columns. The Shadow could be Inversed. Check the box to inverse shadow. Inversed shadow turns the transparent side of shadow toward the main stripe. Controlling a proper amount of inverse shadow, shadow color, spacing, main stripes color and set of background gradient types and colors could render a "glass" and other interesting effects. Finally, the main stripe could be made transparent. Degree of transparency controlled at Opaque column. Setting respective stripe opacity to 0 would make it fully transparent. Shadow is not affected by opacity, thus shadow alone could create stripes. If you for instance set opacity to 0, enabled both shadows, made it inverse and assigned different colors for each side of the shadow, then the result would be a stripe with 2 color gradient faded to transparency at the center of the stripe making "glassy" pipes.
  • Image Size with Enabled Stripes may greatly vary from specified at Size and Alternative Image Side. The Stripes Generator engine priorities drawing uninterrupted stripes (for tiling) over specified image size and would set the Effective Tile Size based on Stripes/Shadow geometry configuration and number of stripes in a set as well as main gradient direction and type. But would keep the image size optimized for a given configuration and specified image size.
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